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The ring of Inspiration - This ring is a place of peace, restfulness, laughter enchantment,and spirit designed to inspire. It is a place for openi

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The ring of Inspiration

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This ring is a place of peace, restfulness, laughter enchantment,and spirit designed to inspire. It is a place for opening the heart and for a sharing of spirit and our soul. As we all travel on this small blue planet together, this ring is meant to be sanctuary for those times when you may feel blue or a little down and as a place to rest by the wayside as a traveller through time. As we all do our bit we can help raise our consciousness as we help uplift each other.

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Let's Walk In The Rain
What is really important in life? Come and find out. Why are we here? Love, money, or job? Or just maybe something else.
Wisdom, Truth, Beauty and Imagination are our focii. Wisdom's Lovers speak as Sacred Visionaries -- from Sophianic, Christic, Taoist & New Age perspectives. Uplifting mystical poetry and in*Spirit*ed graphic artistry abound, here. We may have the most extensive Sophia Links page on the Net. We add new material monthly.
ether angel
ether angels are the guardian angels of cyberspace.At some point Big Bear's ether angels *shouted* to him,"Create an Angel Site!".lol Created by a bipolar poet with a crazyquilt spirituality.
Wize Thoughts
Looking for an inspirational place to escape and get some positive vibes? You will feel better after viewing mine. At this site everyone can go to enjoy the presence of a positive spirit. Lots of inspirational thoughts at this site. Please sign my guestbook and leave your thoughts. Don't forget to visit my Wize Thoughts Webring and add your site.
Forever in Our Hearts
On-line memorial tribute. View pictures, poems, angel stories, and more dedicated to the loved ones that live on "forever in our hearts." Add your loved one to be honored. Everyone's welcome--updated weekly.

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The ring of Inspiration

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