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Circle Of Spiritual Women WebRing - To unite women who live a spiritual life. To link together all those wonderful Web sites that were created by women, and

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Circle Of Spiritual Women WebRing

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Manager: sacred_energies
To unite women who live a spiritual life. To link together all those wonderful Web sites that were created by women, and pay tribute to the imagination and creativity of their owners. Sites are beautiful,and warming to the soul.  Example: Meditations, gemstones, prayers, divination, etc...)


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Angel Light
Information on spirituality, social issues and life
Adventurers of the Carotian Union series website
Website for the quest series Adventurers of the Carotian Union. Read sample chapters, check out the series backstory and overview, see some great art and a little bit about the main characters, email the author and check out some interesting links! Requesting membership because the books themselves include very strong female characters each on her own very distinctive spiritual path and the subtext of the whole series involves people from different cultures, some of which have every reason to be suspicious of the others, learning to work together and, finally, to trust.
Sessions With Spirit
Portal page for spiritual support from your team of angels/guides using the clairaudient skills of cosmic communicator Rose Campbell. Sessions With Spirit is Cincinnati Ohio based, but sessions available remotely. 20 years experience. Also access the afterlife work via Rose Campbell and Andrew Russell-Davis with Diana, Princess of Wales.
Karma Flow
this site is about spirituality and eastern philosphy , astrology, constelations, book of shadows, auras, chakras, psychic energy , karmic laws , soulmates, feng shui and yoga
Opal Beach - Writing in the Sand
I write about my several near-death experiences and the spiritual journey they have taken me on. My family is very important to me and I spend a lot of time writing about them too :-)

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Circle Of Spiritual Women WebRing

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