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Buddhist Womyn - Devoted to Herstorical and Mythical Women in Buddhism around the World. Open to webpages by or about Buddhist Women. Hai

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Buddhist Womyn

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Manager: dtempelaar
Devoted to Herstorical and Mythical Women in Buddhism around the World. Open to webpages by or about Buddhist Women. Hail to the Bodhisattvas of Compassion and Her many manifestations! May Her infinite Compassion dwell within our hearts and in our actions!

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   God is Kwan-yin Preview Go
This dharma talk was given by Ryuei in Oct 2000, reflecting on the escalating violence in the Middle East between the Israelis and Palestinians; ultimately comparing God to Kwan-yin, the Regarder of the Cries of the World who appears in Chapter 25 of the Lotus Sutra.
   LGBT in the Buddhist World Preview Go
An interfaith listing of Buddhist resources for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered communities.

   Herstorical Women in Buddhism Preview Go
The Buddha's teachings for women, as well as many articles and books by or about women in buddhist history, past and present. Homepage of the Buddhist Womyn WebRing!
   The Dragon Goddess Shichimen of Kuonji Preview Go
Included here are two versions of the legend of the Dragon Goddess Shichimen of Minobusan Kuon-ji, including modern depictions, and links to her in some ancient Japanese temples.
   The Disappearance Of The True Buddha's Dhamma Preview Go
Digha Nikaya Sutta 16 & Anguttara Nikaya Sutta 4.180 - the words & syallables are to be closely scrutinized, laid beside Sutta & compared with Vinaya. If, when thus laid beside Sutta & compared with Vinaya, they lie not along with Sutta & agree not with Vinaya, to this conclusion must ye come: Sure this is not the word of that Exalted One, Arahant, the Fully Enlighte
   World Wide Lotus Sutra Schools Directory Preview Go
An extensive interfaith listing of Temples, Community Centers and Buddhist Sanghas in the Lotus Sutra traditions: Nichiren, Tendai and more!
   Don't Let 'em Be an Ancestor! Preview Go
A fun little piece weaving together ancient chinese poetry, first aid and safety info, and Reiyukai's ancestor appreciation -- Printed in the Reiyukai America News in Oct 2004.
   Miraculous Tales from Japanese Buddhism Preview Go
Tales on the karmic retribution of good and evil from the oldest collection of Buddhist legends in Japan, 'The Nihonkoku Genpo Zen'aku Ryoiki' by the Monk Kyokai of Yakushi-ji, written down about 1200 years ago.
   My Buddhist Sity Preview Go
My Buddhist City

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