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Theological Discussions - The Theological Discussions WebRing includes sites from all theological and philosophical perspectives that are devoted

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Theological Discussions

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Manager: churchofmars
The Theological Discussions WebRing includes sites from all theological and philosophical perspectives that are devoted to the discussion of religious and spiritual issues. *Adopted by Church of Mars, Sept. 2004*

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   Unities of All Things Preview Go
Unities of All Things™, from Mark A. Foster Services™, is a free clinical sociology practice. It relates my emancipatory Structurization Theory™ to life.
A brief epistemological journey into how we are able to know ultimate reality and our justifications for asserting that we know. This path leads us to examine the foundational belief of both authentic Chistianity and Buddhism that Compassion is the very essence of the ultimately real. Finally, we undertake to correlate historical testimony with personal experiential understanding.
   The Bible in Drag Preview Go
Do you encounter the living God through the stories, images, and ideas presented in the scriptures? Yet, as a LGBTQ person also experience the dark use of the bible to berate and intimidate you?

   Baha'i Theology for a Modern World Preview Go
This site explores the defining principles upon which is founded, the theology of a new religion that speaks to the people of the modern era: Upholding the timeless purpose of religion and bringing a new revelation that is relevant to the conditions and societies of this millennium. There are also some odd but popular topics and a page with links to other significant Baha'i Web Sites.
   The Theological Journey of a Geoscientist Preview Go
This site follows a journey through the non-scientific disciplines of philosophy & theology by a trained geoscientist. The resulting leaps of faith or perhaps logic may well be something else altogether…!
   MKH Pages Preview Go
My site is about God and Christ, but my understanding of who God is and what Christianity is all about is atypical.
   Questioning: An Examination of Christian Belief Preview Go
All questioners welcome here. We ask challenging questions about the Christian faith here.
   Database of Gods Worth Rejecting Preview Go
Various arguments and pseudo-arguments for the existence of a god, any god, are considered and refuted.
   Discontent Preview Go
Pages dealing with panentheism, libertarian socialism, and various other interests of mine.
   Theological Reflections Preview Go
There is an absence of authentic reflection on our faith-experience. Theology is the articulation of our faith experience. Why do many of the Religious Brothers, Sisters and the laity do not come forward to do theology? Do we not seek God and reflect in our own way on the life-related implications of our God-encounter? What does theology mean if it is not a reflection on God-enco

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