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Jewish Christian Webring - The Jewish Christian Webring contains religious theme web pages that are active in including Jewish ideas and tradition

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Jewish Christian Webring

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Manager: wr__tj

The Jewish Christian Webring contains religious theme web pages that are active in including Jewish ideas and traditions in their definition of Christianity, or Christian (Messianic) ideas and traditions in their definition of Judaism. The webring includes personal pages, teaching organizations, ministries, churches and synagogues.


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   His Sheep Preview Go
Teaching uncompromised truth, prophecy, deliverance, spiritual warfare, Hebraic teachings, KJV Bible controversy, edifying messages, evolution, reference materials, music, humor, poetry and more.
   Nancy's Page Preview Go
A personal webpage with a cultural emphasis -- poetry, recipes (vegetarian, vegan, Jewish), Messianic prophecy, Bible studies, movies, quotations, books, music, tv -- with great art on every page!
   Bartels Family Sukkot Feast of Tabernacles Celebrati Preview Go
Even believers in Yeshua can celebrate the Jewish holiday, Sukkot (aka The Feast of Tabernacles). Here is liturgy, preparation information, and free art for a family celebration with Christian insights. It was written specifically for the Bartels Family, but can be easily adapted.

   Jewish Christian Webring Homepage Preview Go
This is the Jewish Christian Webring homepage. Description of the webring, instructions for joining.
   Traditional Arcane Teachings Preview Go
Judeo Christian Mysticism. Tables of correspondences for Magick, Qabalah, Alchemy, Elements, Divination, Gemstones. Qabalistic Tree attributions include Planets, Zodiac, Tarot Trumps, Archangels, Archdaemons, Angels of the Firmament, Angels of the Qlipoth, all mundane orders of existence, actual and mythological. Extends the work of Cornelius Agrippa, Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie.
   Jewish Christian Beliefs and Practices Preview Go
This site lists various beliefs and practices of the members of the Jewish Christian Webring. It is to encourage and give ideas to others who might like to add Jewish customs to their practice of Christianity.
   The Watchman of Ephraim Preview Go
This web site is dedicated to the Jewish people. It proclaims the soon coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Preparations for the battle of Armegeddon are discussed along with the players involved...
   The HyperGospel - Good News for Hyper Times Preview Go
Our HyperGospel inspires and reminds us of our high calling. It declares and proclaims to our visitors, the faith we share in common. Our dearest and deepest motive is to bring any and all into closer relationship with the almighty, the lover of our souls.
   Why Jews for Jesus should obey the Law of Moses Preview Go
The new covenant was never intended to repeal the old laws.
   Sandalphon.Com Christian Pursuit Home Page Preview Go
Non-denominational Christian theology with a focus on Christlike decision making process. Religious pictures, including of Israel.

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