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Universal Life Church [WebRing] - We believe everyone is already a member of the Church, but not yet aware of it. The Universal Life Church WebRing was fo

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Universal Life Church [WebRing]

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Manager: wizanda
We believe everyone is already a member of the Church, but not yet aware of it. The Universal Life Church WebRing was founded so that it can be used as a resource for your Ministry or Congregation, and also to contribute to the personal or Spiritual life of all of us. Our desire is that it should evolve to become a tool of service and benefit to you and to your community, and to help enrich the ULC experience for All. Through this Ring we'd like to share with you the sense of unity and cohesion we enjoy within the All-Denominational diversity of the Universal Life Church. We hope you'll want to come back again periodically, to see how we've grown, and to use us as a resource.


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   Universal Life Church of Michigan Preview Go
Our church welcomes everyone who believes in the basic ULC idea of DO THAT WHICH IS RIGHT. We offer wedding, baptismal, funeral, and other services as well as promoting the ULC.
   James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door Preview Go
This site features James S Huggins personal spirituality; James S Huggins is an eclectic professional speaker, author & technologist; His personal site, the Refrigerator Door, also features information, stories and humor that interests him as well as one of the net's most extensive information resources on webrings and webring systems.
   Rev. Chris Black Preview Go
My personal ULC site. Everyone is welcome!

   Universal Life Church of Jamestown, NY Preview Go
"A different point of view" Open hearts and mind learning the teachings of God and putting it into every day life. Christian relationship help for all.
   Divinity Ministry Preview Go
The "Divinity Ministry" is a divine ministry in the church of Universal Life with the basic belief; we are one. Eternal Progression. A fuller life for everyone. To Live and Help Live. I encourage every one of different beliefs to come to share their beliefs, ministries, journeys, websites, ideas, and spiritual dealings. We are all one.
   Pathways To Eden Preview Go
All things metaphysical and soul related. Guided site for discovery and discussion of all things spiritual, alternative healing therapies and remedies. Learn to heal your mind, body and soul. Several wellness categories. Reiki, meditation, prayer, online distant healing, human kindness.
   Rev. Jonathan Lobl's Healing Ministry Preview Go
Rev. Jonathan Lobl's healing ministry. Spiritual Healing, Pantheism, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Melchizedek (Order of), Universal Life Church
   Oneness - Community Preview Go
Oneness Community online help in the real world with spiritual problems, music, web design and anything in life that people need help with freely given 24/7.
   Jonathan Lobl's Universal Life Church Site Preview Go
All about the Universal Life Church
   Mediumship, Mediums, Spirit Readings and Healing Preview Go
You can set up your own personal reading here. We all have an interest in what comes after this life. Do you know? Read through these few short pages, you may gain new insight and may decide to make contact with someone you know.

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