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Freethought Ring - The purpose of the Freethought Ring is to provide the secular community with a convenient way of finding sites with sim

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Freethought Ring

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The purpose of the Freethought Ring is to provide the secular community with a convenient way of finding sites with similar or related content.


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   The Last Exit Preview Go
An atheist site including information, quotes, jokes, and link
   Freethought Archives Preview Go
Classic works of freethought, atheism, and rationalism online.
   Leaving Christianity Preview Go
Why I left Christianity - includes resources for further research. Collected stories of others who have also left. Selected mailing list and newsgroup discussions about religion. Links and books (some books free on-line).

   Claire's Opinionated Ramblings Preview Go
This page is where I express my thoughts and feelings on organized religions and other absurdities. There are also links to other interesting and informative sites. I try to update often.
   interesting Preview Go
home page, just my cheap ego trip.
   Combatting Kristianity (hypcritical Christianity) Preview Go
When I say "combat Kristianity" I primarily mean combat the narrow-mindedness, intolerance and cruelty done in the name of Christ. But I also mean, combat the stage magic and superstition. I don't mean combat the philosophy.
   Dragon Information Center Preview Go
This site is for the open minded people, who either have doubts about the Judeo-Christian God in the Holy Bible, or those who want to test their knowledge of the book. If you are allowed to think in Christianity, or Judaism, then c'mon on down. Oh, and bring a Bible. YOU'LL%
   Death to Religion Preview Go
This site was created so that all the ideas that seem to go wasted in the minds of freethinkers... can now be shared. Visitors to the site should feel free to submit articles for inclusion on the site. Their contact information will also be shown if requested.
   Humanist Association of Tulsa Preview Go
Growing website of the Humanist Association of Tulsa, featuring: links, news of the organization, The Humanist Hymnal(a work in progress),an invitation to writers, selected quotes from famous humanists.
   Fight a Deamon? All You Need Is a Candle of Reason Preview Go
Growing up with the Bible Belt tied around my neck - A Short Biography. Sagan's Baloney Detection Kit. Asimov's essay "The Treat of Creationism. Southerners Grow Strange Fruit. Letters I've written. "The amount of God's will, work, and responsibilities are irrespectively tied to our 'Knowledge' and respectively tied to our 'Stupidity' about our Universe inspite

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