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The Divine Union of Man and Woman in TheWay - The Lord said the Kingdom will come only When two shall be one, the without as the within, and the male with the female,

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The Divine Union of Man and Woman in TheWay

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The Lord said the Kingdom will come only "When two shall be one, the without as the within, and the male with the female, neither male nor female” because the Kingdom of God is within us (Lk 17:20-21). The Spiritual Marriage between man and woman is the Divine Pattern of Creation that enables us to overcome our divided natures. Feminism, misogyny, our liberal culture, and manmade church doctrine are detriments to man's entrance into the Kingdom of God. In order to travel TheWay, becoming the Christ and fulfilling the vision of a kingdom of priests and a holy nation of anointed disciples, it is necessary for husband and wife to become "one flesh" in body, mind, and spirit. Herein you will find the revelation of the alchemy of sex within the Tree of Life, and the Sacred Truths that every husband and wife should know about marriage and life.

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