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Consciousness Ring - Consciousness is one of the most popular topics on the World Wide Web, but it is hard to separate the wheat from the cha

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Consciousness Ring

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Consciousness is one of the most popular topics on the World Wide Web, but it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. This Webring aims to bring together the most informative and original sites on Consciousness. We welcome sites with a religious perspective, but not those affiliated to any religious group, sect or specific system of belief.


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   Hell NOT! There is no hell! Preview Go
All to clear up the misconception, when and where it started, following the money, greed, and power trails.
   Matters Mojo Preview Go
This blog is my attempt to explore my own consciousness by deconstructing the notions of "my" and "own" -- or, put another way, it's an attempt to catch the stream of consciousness in the goldfish bowl of the internet. May or may not be of interest to you, but if consciousness has a purpose it is surely in being interested rather than interesting.
   Never In Sunday School! Preview Go
Reincarnation, Gay Marriage, Maturing gods, Immortality, some 2000 years of mankinds 'manipulations' of this most sacred Bible, and they still failed to erase much of these Bible insites, which reveal our God of unconditional Love, and eventual salvation for all mankind. Let me brighten up the picture.

   Quantum Miracles Preview Go
A life philosophy based on the Quantum Mechanics Many World's Hypothesis. It explores the relationship of consciousness and choice of alternate reality.
   The Mind Splinter Preview Go
An open forum for the questioners of life. Consciousness,truth,the nature of reality,the existence of God(s). Are you willing to question your own beliefs?
   Your Path to Transition - Piers Clement Preview Go
"Your Path to Transition" is an investigation of spiritual paths and spiritual journeys. The structure of this site is open-ended; it is not intended only to represent the Piers view, but more to be a forum in which ideas can be shared on this subject.
   Gem's Advice - how to improve your daily life Preview Go
Who is Gem? In the beautiful novella "Gem's story", Gem grows from a shy girl into a loving, spiritual woman. In this website she gives very practical advice about life, the universe and other problems. Visit her - and bring your own questions!
   Aquafemina Preview Go
Mystical watercolor paintings, dreamlike fiction and nonfiction delving into myths, archetypes, consciousness, spirituality, religions and the divine feminine. Fantasy art, dragons, fairies, goddesses, mermaids, nymphs, feng shui, Wiccan, pagan and astrology pictures.
   Telesterion Human Self-Development and Enlightenment Preview Go
TELESTERION self-development and enlightenment for modern humans. A new look at esoteric psychology and philosophy, by an experienced practicioner who claims to be enlightened. Is enlightenment real? What is enlightenment, really? How should we look at enlightenment in the modern era?
   Legally High - Altered States Without Drugs Preview Go
Trance, rapture & psychospiritual exploration without drugs; a guide to safe & legal highs for enhanced creativity, deeper relationships, access to Universal Consciousness or just for fun :-) Home of the Altered States of Consciousness webring.

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