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Buddhist Blogs - If you blog frequently about any aspect of Buddhism (dharma study, practice within a specific tradition, meditation, rit

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Buddhist Blogs

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If you blog frequently about any aspect of Buddhism (dharma study, practice within a specific tradition, meditation, rituals, or your Buddhist take on current issues and affairs) join this webring so like-minded Bloggers can find and support your site. This webring is limited to blogs/personal journals only... no commercial sites.

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   In the footsteps of the Buddha Preview Go
I just completed a three year retreat and study program at Rigpa Lerab Ling (A Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Center under the direction of Sogyal Rinpoche in France) and am settling back into life out in the world. Because I am presently living in a remote place of the Big Island of Hawaii I started this blog of reflections on Buddhist teachings and practice to help clarify my own understanding and practice, to share with like-minded friends and fellow practitioners and to provide an opportunity to engage in discussion about following the Buddhist path.
   The Buddhist Conservative Preview Go
Life's journey is a twisted path. The writings here reflect thoughts and feelings about that journey.
   Basic Buddhism Preview Go
Postings about basic Buddhist history, doctrines, and beliefs. Adapted from several Project Gutenberg texts.

   Baby Bodhisattva Corner Preview Go
Resources for studying and practicing.
   dhammamangalam Preview Go
The Bhudda's path is to experience. Dhamma is the ultimate sociology arising from experience. Follow a uniquely personal and insightful journey drawing together all aspects of the history, language, art and practice of dhamma. Mangala means good fortune. Dhammamagalam is therefore an affirmation that the Buddha's words, deeds and legacy are good at the beginning, good in the middle, good at the end. Come and see for yourself. May all beings be happy!
   Discussions around the Lotus Pond Preview Go
An interfaith collection of buddhist blogs and discussions groups around the Lotus Pond at Nichiren's Coffeehouse.
   Who is this self? Preview Go
Buddhist, Disabled, Poor, Trying to live life and understand it properly
   Buddhism Preview Go
All things in life are transient. Impermanence is the essence. Learn to let go. Mind transformation is important. I hope this website can give you a basic understanding of Buddhism. Regardless of race or religion, you can integrate these teachings into your daily lives. Transform your mind and actions so that you can be truly happy without relying on good external conditions as your main source of happiness. Most importantly, I would like to encourage everybody to chant Namo Amituofo (南无阿弥陀佛) and aim to go to Amitabha Pure Land (西方极乐世界).
   Meditation in Movement Preview Go
Thoughts and research on mindfulness, yoga, and Buddhism.
   Karma Yeshe Tsomo Preview Go
Buddhism, Psychotherapy, Poetry

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